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US Intelligence raises spectre of upcoming civil unrest in United Kingdom

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Ted Newcomen
One of America's top intelligence services has flagged up the potential for coming widespread civil unrest & violence in the United Kingdom. Total Intelligence Solutions (TIS) which describes itself as a ‘boutique security firm - partner of Fortune 500 and international companies, US State and local government agencies, the US Government, and foreign governments' has identified serious risks in the UK on its Intel Watch website (

TIS is a private intelligence and security company born out of the Bush regime's desire to privatize certain functions of the CIA. Its website identifies security threats around the world and these include the latest concerns about civil unrest in the United Kingdom.

Two particular warnings are quoted verbatim:-

# ‘Dissident republicans in N. Ireland may attempt to stage a massive attack before Christmas'

# ‘Clashes between far-right and anti-fascists expected at upcoming protests in Nottingham and Edinburgh'

Police leave has already been canceled as authorities in the English Midland's town of Nottingham brace themselves for potentially violent street clashes involving thousands of demonstrators this upcoming weekend, Saturday 5th December.

A rally is planned by the rapidly ascending English Defense League – primarily a white working class pressure-group engaged in street protests against calls by some fundamentalist British Muslims for the introduction of Sharia Law as a first step to the UK eventually becoming an Islamic state.

The EDL is expected to be confronted by large numbers of counter-demonstrators from a variety of left-wing opposition groups including anti-fascists, some Labour Party and Trade Union activists, and radical Muslim groups.

Increasingly widespread Internet cyber-networking by activists of all political persuasions appears to have by-passed more traditional methods for controlling public unrest in the UK. It is believed at least four different police authorities are now investigating the leadership and organization of EDL as it has skyrocketed from obscurity in only a matter of months, despite a conspicuous and curious lack of press coverage by the mainstream media.

Authorities are in danger of being caught flat-footed by a rising tide of discontent among young white working class males and their more mature but less public supporters against a hard-core of young Muslim males, and a loose alliance of left-wing groups who see the EDL as being racist and right-wing. British police are particularly vulnerable having largely overcome the stigma of being found ‘institutionally racist' by official inquiries and yet still having to deal with the fall-out from what are widely seen as failed immigration policies and unpopular foreign wars.

The upcoming Nottingham demonstration is just the latest in a series by the EDL across English towns this year that have involved clashes with hundreds of demonstrators and counter-activists, often resulting in scores of arrests – most of which has gone unreported.

This coming Saturday's demonstration has all the potential ingredients for a ‘perfect storm' resulting in widespread civil unrest and potential injuries to demonstrators, police, and innocent by-standers.

In addition to the rally by the EDL and a counter-demonstration by their opponents, the same day will see a homecoming parade by the 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment. Similar army march-pasts during the year have resulted in insulting behavior by some radical Muslims demonstrating against British involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. This comes on top of President Obama's recent statement to increase troop levels in Afghanistan.

Saturday will also see large numbers of football fans in town for the soccer match between Nottingham Forest and nearby Leicester City, an economically depressed conurbation which has a one of the UK's biggest Muslim populations.

The city center is expected to be packed with families doing their pre-Christmas shopping and attending the annual German street market. It remains to be seen if the British authorities are aware of the dangers identified by US intelligence services and whether the mainstream media is willing and able to report on what's really happening on the streets of Britain.

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