Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jim Sinclair: "This Is It!"

Jim Sinclair
This is not a dress rehearsal.

This is the real thing, and has been since you received the email titled "This Is It!"

Take a look at the following list of news topics:

-Tishman Real Estate to miss payment on a commercial loan of over $5 billion on a massive New York apartment complex, the 2nd largest default in commercial real estate loans in history.
-California declares an economic emergency.
-Employment figures stink.
-Apartment vacancies hit record highs.
-Foreclosures are setting new records.
-Consumer credit in the US drops a record $17.5 billion.

All of this is what we have gotten from OTC derivatives and a financial industry bailout of unprecedented proportion.

QE MUST go to Infinity. Talk about the Fed draining is an insult even to Mr. Fred’s intelligence.

The US dollar is toast. Gold is headed to $1650 – $1764 now.

Remember, at $1764 1,000,000 mineable ounces of gold in production will have a gross worth $1,764,000,000.

That is real money. That is honest money.

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