Friday, January 1, 2010

We can break the mainline media's strangle-hold on the American people by PAMPHLETEERING -- The American Revolution's 1st Strategy. Transcribe, layout, print, and distribute the below:

What is happening here in (insert your area here) is happening all across America. Older persons who planned and looked forward to secure and peaceful retirements have seen pensions, savings accounts, and incomes sharply reduced. Their futures and those of their children and grandchildren seem increasingly bleak.

Working Americans who depend upon steady paychecks to meet living expenses for themselves and their families have been hit hard. Unemployment eventually spells disaster for them. Rising living costs, uninsured medical expenses, and temporary layoffs have swelled the ranks of families dependent upon social welfare. Those still employed have a huge bulk of their earnings confiscated in the form of 'income taxes' and retain barely enough to support their families. Having nothing left to spare, they are financially unable to help less fortunate neighbors.

The social 'safety net' for Americans is breaking as financial programs, states, cities, and more and more people approach financial bankruptcy. Social service agencies, churches, and private charities are stretched very thin. Money taken from Americans together with huge sums created through inflating the nation's money supply is spent on wars waged after bullying public support through scare tactics accompanied by governmental propaganda that later proves to have been blatant lies.

American armed forces, instead of being used for the nation's defense, are employed to protect and to further financial interests of a wealthy few, bankers and multi-national corporations. Young Americans die or are critically injured in this charade. Surviving veterans return home to little in the way of opportunity. Largely overlooked, many become part of our nation's huge and growing homeless population.

Misinformation continues to be spread by mainline media which now speaks incessantly of foreign countries, tribesmen, terrorists, trivia, and celebrities instead of addressing critical issues facing the lives of Americans, our reputation as citizens of a responsible nation, and critical issues faced within our own communities.

Such problems have not been created by you and by me. They are the result of policies arrogantly and unlawfully implemented by only a very few. A handful of men and women, raised in and belonging to a privileged minority, now control the reins of a government that has now fully discarded Constitutional precepts upon which America was founded.

These few pursue a policy of aggressive warfare and of world conquest for the purpose of militarily and financially subjugating humanity worldwide. Their goal is to gain full access to the entire resources on this planet and to control existing governments.

Rationalizing such a policy by invoking a vision of world peace through their own one-world government, what Bilderbergers now define openly as a "new world order", is the height of hubris and personal hypocrisy. It is simply the ages old lust of a few for ultimate power, a natural failing understood by the founders of our country.

Wielding unbridled power, with the conviction that they alone have the intelligence and the vision required to lead and to control mankind, they have foolishly 'killed the goose that laid the golden egg' in the United States. They are today creating havoc, both here and abroad.

We are not fomenting violent revolution. It is our goal to inform and to recommend ways in which We the People of this nation, under our Constitution, and given more than two-hundred years of experience, can begin to solve these problems before they overwhelm us completely.

If we wish to do this peacefully and intelligently we need your involvement. We, right here in this community, can join hundreds of other like-minded groups. By forming a huge coalition, overlooking differences and focusing on areas in which we agree, we intend to do this job democratically. We need your support and cooperation. this is a battle that we MUST win for ourselves and our descendants. PLEASE JOIN US NOW.


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