Tuesday, November 20, 2012

42 percent of Fukushima children now with thyroid disorders

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More than 42% of 57,000 tested children have nodules or cyst, reports Dr. Suzuki who leads the examinations. In Chernobyl they found only 0.1 – 1%. nobody of the experts asks for the reasons. [...]
He explains the results mainly by improved diagnosis methods, but people don’t believe him. [...]

There are no reference studies, Dr. Suzuki tells us, and maybe the children simply took too much iodine or seafood. He doesn’t know if this has something to do with radiation.

“We are mainly here to inform the parents of the results of our study.” But what do such results mean to parents without proper explanations? The official handling of the disaster is more than questionable.

Many people have completely lost trust in government and believe that the disaster is played down to protect the mighty nuclear industry of Japan. Read more >>

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