Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"It's Not Just Harder To Get A Job - It's Harder To Get A Good Job"

For many in the US, as WSJ reports based on the bifurcated 'recovery' in the US, the recession never ended, "we're still in it... it feels like like we're still in it and it's getting worse."

Simply out, America's jobs recovery is proceeding on two separate tracks - a pattern that is persisting far longer than after past economic rebounds and lately has been growing worse.

For those with decent jobs, wages are rising, albeit slowly, and job security is the strongest it has been since before the recession.

But many others - the young, the less educated and particularly the unemployed - are experiencing hardly any recovery at all. As we have vociferously explained, hiring remains weak, and the jobs that are available are disproportionately low-paying and often part-time. Read more >>

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