Thursday, June 6, 2013

Computer virus found on Facebook steals bank details and money from accounts

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A computer virus that steals bank details and empties money from accounts has been found on Facebook by security experts. Trend Micro discovered the malicious links were being posted by fake Facebook profiles on popular brand pages, such as the U.S. National Football League.
The links are believed to be controlled by the Russian Business Network - an online criminal gang accused of stealing internet users' identities and private information.

The link discovered by Trend Micro was for a page called 'Bring the N.F.L to Los Angeles'.
The page has since been removed. The security firm claim that there may be many more hidden on pages, or even being spread inadvertently by Facebook friends. When a Facebook user clicks the links the Trojan - which gets its name from the Trojan horse the Greeks used to enter the city of Troy undetected - is installed on their computer.

It then scans all the personal files and steals any private information. The malware is also able to collect login details, even if they aren't stored in documents on your PC, by using keystroke logging. Keystroke logging, also known as keylogging, can record which keys on a keyboard are being pressed. It can then wait until the user types in their online banking address and login details and steal them. Read more >>
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